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If you're reading this...

You're probably a non-native English speaker...

And you want to grow your career in English...

And have more influence when you speak. Right?

Michael Roberts

Fighting For Your Confidence In English

Well, there's a big obstacle in your way...

And you were probably never taught about this when you learned English.

The even worse news...

This 'obstacle' may be affecting your job...

Stealing your confidence...

And stopping you getting the respect you deserve in English.

How do I know?

When I was 7 years old, I couldn’t even pronounce my own name in English without being laughed at.... Because of the English /r/.

I couldn't make the sound correctly and as a result, this made me sound very unnatural.

Everyday in school people would make jokes about my pronunciation and laugh at how I said things.

And this went on for years until eventually, my parents got me some special training, and I eventually learned how to make it.

The British English /r/ sound is the biggest sound that affects your English pronunciation.

I learned how to make this sound and my life quickly improved.

I later realised that learners of English were experiencing the same difficulties that I had...

So I started making simple English pronunciation tutorials to help them feel more confident.

Since then, I've helped over 124,989 people from all over the world... like you to become more confident in English, by learning correct English pronunciation.

And whilst each nationality has had some English pronunciation difficulties unique to their language...

Nearly everyone...

Regardless of country...

Had one English sound that is the main cause of all their frustrations in English

The English /r/...

This sound is pronounced VERY DIFFERENTLY to the /r/ sound in nearly all other languages.

And as a result, pronouncing it as you would in your native language can make you sound awkward and unnatural in English.

The English 'r' is also used in unusual ways in English.

And if you don't know how to use it...  It changes the sound of your English.

When I would work with my private clients, we often spend most our time working on this sound.

Because as soon as they've pronounced this sound correctly, their English... and their life would change.

So I asked myself...

"How can I give the same help to my online students from all over the world, that I give my private clients?"

So I started breaking down the "system" I used to teach this sound...

And today I'm excited to announce that the "system" Is ready for release.


The British R Sound Masterclass

Finally, I have put together the complete system I use to help my clients develop native-level pronunciation of this sound... which can transform their careers in English.

This is the complete step-by-step system all my clients go through, and it gives them confidence like nothing they've ever tried before.

I made it my mission to help non-native English speakers grow their confidence, and careers in English.

And now you can too.

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover In The British R Sound Masterclass...


How to develop native-level English pronunciation of the most important English sound you need to speak English Clearly

The 3 things you NEED to know about the English 'r' so that you stop sounding awkward and unnatural every time you speak English
The 3 rules to using this sound so you don't make the common mistakes that many non-native English speakers make in meetings, presentations and job interviews
Lessons, exercises and tutorials so you can feel confident in your accent and stop questioning yourself when you speak
You will be able to give yourself the confidence you've been lacking in English, using the exact techniques that have lead my clients to getting better jobs
You will impress others with your English pronunciation, and make it clear that you're a serious professional

Here's EVERYTHING You're About To Get

  • Module 1: R Sound Fundamentals - £125 Value
  • Module 2: How And When To Use The English 'r' Sound - £125 Value
  • Module 3: How To Make Sure You're NOT Pronouncing This Sound Instead - £125 Value
  • Module 4: How To Add The 'r' Sound Into Your Daily English Speaking - £125 Value
  • Module 5: Consonant + /r/ Combinations - £125 Value
  • Module 6: Maximise Your Confidence By Strengthening Your 'r' Pronunciation- £125 Value
  • BONUS: How To Modules the 'r' in Connected Speech - £50 Value
  • BONUS: How To Use The Intrusive 'r' - £50 Value
  • BONUS: The Rhotic 'r' - £35 Value

Total Value: £885

Module 1 | R Sound Fundamentals

£125 Value

The ultimate 3-step process for Easily pronouncing the most DAMAGING sound in English

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Discover the #1 mistake you’re making with the /r/ sound that causes you to to lack confidence and sound unnatural in English


The 3 keys to making the ‘r’ naturally and why if you’re not currently doing them... you are hurting your English pronunciation


How to train your mouth so your muscles make the ‘r’ sound easily


The ‘r’’ sound mouth ‘workout

Module 2 | How And WHEN To Use The English 'r' Sound

£125 Value

The SECRETS of how to use the ‘r’ sound so that you speak like a native

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


When at least 50% of the time... you should NEVER use the ‘r’ sound even though it’s written in words


How to use the ‘r’ sound to make your English flow


1 simple tip to fix years of bad pronunciation in minutes

Module 3 | How To Make Sure You’re NOT Pronouncing THIS Sound Instead

£125 Value

Millions of people confuse the /r/ sound with another sound in English.

DON'T Make This Mistake

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Both sounds compared step-by-step


Train your listening, and mouth to have confidence and certainty that you're pronouncing both sounds correctly


Discover the confusing pairs of words that contain these sounds which catch most people out!

Module 4 | How to Add the /r/ Sound Into Your Daily English Speaking

£125 Value

Impress your friends and colleagues by using the English /r/ sound correctly in your REAL daily speaking

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Quickly and easily take the sound and add it into your speaking


The simple test to identify English ‘r’ words that will catch you out and make you sound unnatural


How to integrate words that begin with ‘r’ into your real English speaking in a way that flows like a native speaker

Module 5 | Consonant + /r/ Combinations

£125 Value

The most overlooked aspect of CONFIDENT English pronunciation

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Why you have to get these combinations right if you want clear, confident and correct pronunciation


The EXACT exercises to overcome the most difficult aspect of English pronunciation


[WARNING] These Exercises are a MUST. If you don’t train them your English Pronunciation will sound unclear and weak

Module 6 | Maximise Your Confidence By Strengthening Your 'r' Pronunciation

£125 Value

I give you my secret series of exercises to get your /r/ sound to MASTERY NATIVE level

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


The most powerful exercises for you to pronounce ‘r’ like a native


Specific training patterns that will build strength in your tongue to make correct pronunciation feel easy


Feel the confidence as others respond to your native-like English pronunciation

BONUS 1 | How To Use 'r' In Connected Speech

£50 Value

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Discover the HOW and WHEN to use the ‘r’ sound in connected speech so that you ‘feel like a native’ when you speak

When you should NOT pronounce an English 'r' sound in connected speech (even though it looks like you should)

The 1 thing that tells you whether to connect words with an 'r'

BONUS 2 | How To Use The Intrusive 'r' 

£50 Value

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Discover the simple process to using the Intrusive /r/ sound to connect words... so that your English flows naturally


Impress your friends, family, colleagues and boss with this advanced level of English Pronunciation

BONUS 3 | The Rhotic 'r' 

£35 Value

Here’s What I’ll Show You...


Discover this important element of English speaking and see if it’s necessary for you to use it or not

Here's Why The English 'r' Is Worth £885 to your life in English...

The English /r/ sound is the biggest sound that affects your English pronunciation.

Using it when it shouldn't be pronounced...

And pronouncing it incorrectly changes the sound of your English... and how you sound when you speak.

If as a result of discovering the correct 'r' pronunciation and speaking like a native... you get just one pay-rise...  promotion... or new job opportunity you could easily earn this much MORE... per year... just from learning this one English sound.

Here's Why This Training Would Normally Cost £495...

If I were to teach this sound to you myself, it would take me at least 4 hours, to make sure you fully integrate it correctly.

That may sound like a lot of time...

But that's how important this is to your success in English.

Many of my clients invest this... and they get great value for money when feel their confidence increase.


You're not going to pay £495 today.

I made it my mission to hep non-native English speakers grow their confidence, and careers in English. 

The reason is because I've created this course... is so you can improve your life in English, and get all the benefits without my private help.

Because of that, I'm releasing the R Sound Masterclass today at the lowest rate possible...

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I know how much more confidence you'll have speaking English... because you've been through this course.

You're going to love it!

I've invested in a LOT of online courses to grow my career, and I still get nervous every time I buy.

That's why I'm giving you a FULL 60 days to try the course without risk.

Cancel for any time... for any reason... just by emailing me at

Easy as that!

I know how hard it is to find quality training, so I don't want to waste anyone's time.

The course is getting professionals like you BIG results ...

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